The Bliss Interviews

The nature of bliss, with Rev Tim Costello

"I think bliss is the sense that your life has been for a purpose," said the Reverend Tim Costello, CEO of World Vision when I spoke to him about the nature of bliss. He spoke about his own charitable path, and why - in a world where 40,000 kids die each day from preventable diseases - so few of us seem to have the political and spiritual imagination to tackle such problems. More

Roaring into retirement: raising lions in Africa

Kathy Murrell and I worked together at John Brown Publishing in London in the 1990s. It was when I saw a post on Facebook recently about her beloved lions that I thought, now on earth did a publisher’s right-hand woman end up in Africa? So I asked her to tell me for the Bliss Files… […] More

Curing blindness in the third world

Dr James Muecke is an Adelaide-based ophthalmologist who co-founded the Sight For All Foundation. Here, I talk to him about his work preventing blindness in third world countries. More

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Gardening on the edge

Business woman and artist Winnie Pelz has created a safe haven where she can scratch in the earth in her beautiful garden perched on the wild south coast of the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia. I spoke to her about her passion for art and gardening, and blending with the environment. More

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A memento in time: artist Chris de Rosa

Life’s mementos are the inspiration behind artist Chris de Rosa's work. She spoke to me for Fleurieu Living magazine about her Italian grandmother, her daily swims at Horseshoe Bay, sea sponges, lace, lino and other influences. More

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The scoop on fresh seasonal food

Rachel McMillan is a specialist consultant in food seasonality who works closely with both growers and chefs on the Fleurieu Peninsula to deliver the freshest and tastiest produce all year round. I spoke to her for Fleurieu Living magazine about how her business Scoop SA came to be, and her new venture as a grower and primary producer. More

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