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Write for your life, part 1: Stories, anecdotes and memories

It was early one Sunday morning about a year ago. As I walked along the beach, my dogs careering around like crazy things through the waves, I felt a tremendous shiver overtake me, and an accompanying, quite overwhelming thought: ‘You must be so fucking scared!!!’ My father was in hospital having an operation for bowel […] More

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Ode to my life, ode to my death

When it is almost over this spark this breath this divine moment… As my sun sinks beneath the horizon one last time, these are the questions I will ask myself: Did I blossom into life? Did I traverse the canyons of my soul and find the flower of my truth? Did I dance wildly in […] More

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How does the goddess speak to you?

I’m wondering how many women have had experiences of encounters with the goddess(es) in some way, in their dreams, meditations, waking life? And how that has informed their lives? I’m sharing my story about there here, but I would love to hear other people’s stories! My first encounter with Isis came when I returned from […] More

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The power of sharing your story

As a journalist who gathers people’s stories for a living, there are certain moments that I look for in an interview that often occur when someone starts talking about where their inspiration comes from. I feel this energy suffusing them, and it starts to affect me in the same way - I start to get lit up with excitement too. Our energy starts to resonate together. In transpersonal counselling, this moment of resonance has been called the 'healing metaphor'. More

Let’s celebrate Earth Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is a cause for celebration – isn’t it? It’s for all the nurturers out there who deserve their special day of recognition… and I’m not knocking it. But spare a thought for the people for whom today is not quite that…and for whom this day brings less than celebration. In my little family, […] More