Let’s celebrate Earth Mother’s Day!

aaa motherearth2Mother’s Day is a cause for celebration – isn’t it? It’s for all the nurturers out there who deserve their special day of recognition… and I’m not knocking it.
But spare a thought for the people for whom today is not quite that…and for whom this day brings less than celebration.
In my little family, that’s all of us.

My mother is dead.
I mourn her loss.
My teenage step-daughter’s mother is dead.
She mourns her loss.
My foster son was removed from his birth mother.
He mourns her loss.

I have no birth children to bring me breakfast in bed.
These children I take care of grieve too much to spoil this other-mother they live with.
My dog licks my hand with love – for this I am grateful.
My husband sits in the middle of us all, and tentatively, tenderly, tries to make sure we all make it through the day without crumbling… and perhaps crumbling in on each other.
Was there ever such a day to compete in bringing out the stress in this little patchwork family?
I say, let’s do away with Mother’s Day…

Let’s instead celebrate Earth Mother’s Day.
Yay for the Earth Mothers and all that they bring…
… fecundity, wild nature, deep roots, growth, creativity, passion.
Anyone else down for that?!

3 thoughts on “Let’s celebrate Earth Mother’s Day!

  1. Annemarie Taplin

    Gorgeous piece Heather. I really feel for you and understand what you mean. I’m sure no one in these circumstances needs a commercialized ‘day’ to remind them of their pain.

    1. Heather Millar Post author

      Thanks AMT, it was a big day this year – as much about understanding as pain though, so moving in the right direction!

  2. Ky

    thanks for sharing this, there is a lot of grief along with the celebrating or acknowledging mother’s day, i think there is just as much grief in Earth Mother’s Day. Seems mothering has a lot to do with life and death. bless. birthing and letting go….

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