Ode to my life, ode to my death

setting sunWhen it is almost over

this spark

this breath

this divine moment…

As my sun sinks beneath the horizon one last time,

these are the questions I will ask myself:

Did I blossom into life?

Did I traverse the canyons of my soul and find the flower of my truth?

Did I dance wildly in the spotlight?

Did I love urgently and honestly?

Did I feel the colour of my own essence?

Did I paint the walls of my life in brilliant hues?

Did I lower my veil and face the world naked?

Did I put down my weapons and say ‘This is me—take me as I am?’

Did I touch the flames in order to transform?

Did I say ‘Enough!’ to the nay-sayers and hold my ground?

Did I gush forth from the bottle like a full-bodied wine?

Did I writ myself large upon the page?

And as the breath leaves my body, I ask

Did I truly live?




. .